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Press Info:

The Swedish Government's decision to recognise Palestine is wrong


October 30, 2014



















Perspective on Israel (PPI) regrets the Swedish government's decision to recognize Palestine as a state. Perspective on Israel believes that the decision was wrong and might have negative consequences for a peaceful development of the Middle East conflict.


The Swedish government has, by addressing the recognition in the government's policy statement, abandoned the practice to first inform the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs on the issue, which is to happen prior to such an important decision to be decided upon by the Government.

A majority of the political parties, that are represented in the Advisory Council on Foreign Affairs, has announced that they are against the decision.


The government talks about its intention to consolidate the moderate forces through a recognition. We consider the recognition on the contrary only to consolidate the forces promoting terror and hatred in order to spread and strengthen their power. It is now up to the Swedish government to explain to the Swedish public who the moderates are, that the government is referring to, as both the major political forces in the Palestinian territories, Fatah in Ramallah and the terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza, in recent days have praised terrorists and called for terrorist attacks in social media and other domestic media. The responsibility for any negative consequences of the recognition now rests heavily upon the Swedish government.




Tobias Petersson,

Spokesperson for Perspective on Israel










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