The graffiti of terror and Swedish aid - Tobias Petersson & Nima Gholam Ali Pour


The graffiti of terror and Swedish aid


Swedish aid has been used to finance a photo exhibition of graffiti glorifying terror and terrorist organizations. It is worth noting that if a school in Sweden had a similar exhibition the headmaster would have lost his job. Swedish aid could lead to peace and prosperity, but it seems to lead to the opposite.


"Fatah is the continuation of the revolution and " the Storm "(armed group in the Palestinian party Fatah) is the torch".

So reads the Arabic graffiti text to a picture that shows a young Palestinian suicide bomber and terrorist with a gun at an exhibition by photographer and journalist Mia Gröndahl, which the Swedish government aid agency SIDA funded in 2010.

The graffiti exhibition, which was exhibited around in the Gaza Strip, Israel, and Sweden for 90 000 Swedish Kronor (around 14,000 US Dollar) of the Swedish taxpayers’ money is a terrible proof of the aid agency SIDA’s blindness to the glorification of terrorism against the democratic State of Israel and the counter-productive consequences of supporting such an exhibition. "The Bride of Palestine " as SIDA choose to call her, the terrorist Dalal Al-Moghrabi, visible on a graffiti image shown on SIDA’s website, was a suicide bomber who had not yet turned twenty years old when she blew herself up murdering thirty-eight Israeli civilians, including thirteen children.


SIDA highlights the exhibition as part of the Swedish-sponsored cultural cooperation, which has according to SIDA been an important part of the work for democracy and human rights in Gaza. SIDA states that the exhibition shows the "positive force" within the people of Gaza. Besides that it is grossly wasting the taxpayers’ money the pictures reveal what views SIDA has towards the people of Gaza.


Another picture in the exhibition contains a bloody hand erecting itself covered in blood. In the background of the graffiti painting the Hamas flag is waving and the Arabic text "Hamas is the beginning" has been applied to the graffiti wall. That Swedish taxpayers’ money is funding propaganda for an organization that according to the European Union (which Sweden is a part of) is a terrorist organization is a scandal that you cannot even find in a Tom Clancy novel.



This exhibition was done in collaboration with the time and again harshly criticized Swedish NGO the Palestina Groups (PGS). Now SIDA has luckily ended this “art project” and does not collaborate with the PGS anymore, but the damage has already been done. SIDA has spent 14,000 US Dollar to encourage the children in Gaza to view terrorists and child murderers as role models. That it has taken this long time before the exhibition faced strong criticism indicates that something is seriously wrong in the journalistic coverage of the Swedish aid that has been dedicated to the region the West Bank-Gaza.


While reason tells us that this shameful exhibition is something both SIDA and PGS should like to add to the rest of the skeletons in their closet, still the Swedish debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not reasonable. A book called "Gaza Graffiti" with all the images from the exhibition tour has been published and sold in the PGS’s website. They seem to be proud of what they have done to the children in Gaza. It is interesting that if a school in Sweden had arranged a similar exhibition the headmaster would lose both his job and his reputation. It's a death-blow to human rights when you in the eyes of children glorify people who have murdered civilians. It is disastrous for peace when you in the eyes of children glorify an organization which in its charter writes that all the Jews in the Middle East have to die and that international peace conferences are nonsense. Does SIDA expect that these children will grow up and fight for peace and coexistence?

We do not want to see a recurrence of such collaborations where SIDA encourages hatred and war in the eyes of the children. Swedish aid should fund the struggle against widespread anti-Semitism and homophobia that Hamas is responsible for in Gaza and which Fatah and the PA in Ramallah is indifferent to to say the least. Anti-Semitism is a hatred and contempt for Jews and everything Jewish. Hate is harmful both for those who learn to hate, and those which hate is directed towards.


If the Swedish aid would be dedicated to preventing and combating anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel, especially in Gaza and the West Bank, that would give people in the region more positive energy for the future and help to make life more livable for both Israelis and Arabs on the West Bank and Gaza.

Not only SIDA but all aid agencies around the world should highlight the partnerships that create conditions for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, instead of highlighting the terrorists who committed human rights violations that can never be excused. We call on journalists and individuals around the globe to review your aid agencies. It is possible that what we have discovered in Sweden is just the tip of an iceberg of anti-Israeli activities and glorifications of terror disguised as aid. The aid that instead of glorifying terror organizations should save life.




Tobias Petersson

Nima Gholam Ali Pour


Representatives for Perspektiv på Israel













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