PA far from meeting the requirements for being worthy of becoming a state - Nima Gholam Ali Pour



PA far from meeting the requirements of being worthy of becoming a Palestinian state



In November 2012 “Palestine” became officially recognized as a state by the UN General Assembly. But the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and Hamas in Gaza, still do not recognize many of the basic human rights of the Palestinian people. In Gaza women's rights deteriorate while Christians are being persecuted. In the West Bank, there is a president without a democratic mandate, and who does not tolerate any protests.


A third of the Palestinian Authority's budget goes to various security forces to control the Palestinians. These are security forces that were accused by the European Union, of commiting torture and to deny prisoners care, as late as in may 2013. Anti-Semitism in both Gaza and the West Bank is strong because of governmental anti-Semitic propaganda, funded by international aid. The recognized state of “Palestine” punishes Palestinians with death if they sell land to Jews. The Palestinians get lighter sentences for honor killings than what they get for "ordinary" murder.


The international community has not learned anything from the prelude to World War II and again some politicians feel that certain dictators deserve our courtesy, and that there are people who have to live under oppression. But there will be no "peace in our time" as long as children in Gaza are trained in military camps each summer to hate and kill Jews. A society which systematically oppresses half the population is no democratic society.


To form new states can not be an end in itself. If a future “Palestine” will not be democratic and will systematically trample on human rights there is no need of such a state. We need more human rights in the Middle East, not less.


The “Palestine” recognized by the UN consists of two one-party states, one controlled by Hamas and the other by Fatah. Many individuals' human rights are violated daily by Hamas and Fatah while the United Nations for some reason legitimizes oppression by recognizing “Palestine”. But nobody cares about the victims' human rights.


Palestinians' right to a state must be based on how they intend to run the state. Will this state be democratic and characterized by human rights? Will they convey peace with their neighbors? Creating yet another dictatorship in a region where there are already many dictatorships is not a good thing. Therefore a “Palestine” under one-party dictatorships is not something positive. People's freedom and human rights are more important than territory and the need for a nation.


More important than a Palestinian state, is that the Palestinians will get the opportunity to choose a president. Mahmoud Abbas's term of office ended 9 January 2009 and since then he has not had a democratic mandate to represent the Palestinians.


It is difficult to understand why there are people who celebrate the founding of a new dictatorship in the Middle East. It is not difficult to create a dictatorship. However, it is difficult and a great victory for the people if they manage to get freedom and democracy, which the Palestinians still do not have been allowed by their own politicians.


The Palestinians have not received a country. They have received a prison where they have no rights and are treated like cattle by corrupt politicians without any democratic mandate. When Palestine-activists and the Left are done celebrating the opening of the prison of “Palestine”, I hope they start fighting for Palestinian human and democratic rights, which are essential if there is ever to be peace between Israelis and Palestinians.





Nima Gholam Ali Pour (PPI)





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