Open letter to the Swedish Social Democratic Party's chairman Löfven: Distance yourself from Fatah!



Open letter to the Swedish Social Democratic Party's chairman Löfven: Distance yourself from Fatah!




Hi Stefan!


We are sending this letter to you because you are the chairman of a political party that views Fatah as its sister party. On April 4, 2013, you called Fatah the Swedish Social Democrats' “dear sister party" so we thought you would be best suited to explain certain acts that Fatah has committed and which we find futile. We want you to tell us, and many other people, why you think Fatah carries out these acts and what values you think they stand for.


On October 5, 2013 a Jewish 9-year old girl, in the Israeli society of Psagot, in Judea and Samaria was stabbed. She was stabbed brutally by a Palestinian terrorist, and after he stabbed the girl he cowardly ran away and hid himself. It was feared that the Jewish girl would die of her injuries but fortunately she survived. Her screams warned the rest of the family and people close by and scared away the Palestinian terrorist, and by doing so she might have prevented a disastrous massacre from taking place. The terrorist who stabbed her was praised, at Fatah's official Facebook page by the administrator as a person who "left real men's signature".


Do you agree with this Stefan? Could you glorify a violent attack on a 9-year old girl? Since you have socialized with Fatah members, tell us. How do they do this? How do they justify the murder of small children?


If this was merely a single event, we would probably not felt the same need to bother you. You're a busy man. You want to become Prime Minister of Sweden. The reason we are sending you this letter is that the Palestinian Authority is constantly celebrating murderers and terrorists.


Do you know who Abu Sukkar is? In 1975, Abu Sukkar planned an attack in which a refrigerator stuffed with explosives detonated in Jerusalem, killing 15 innocent people. Do you think your sister party Fatah, rejected Abu Sukkar and condemned his actions? Not really. Abu Sukkar was praised by Mahmoud Abbas, who called him a "giant." Abu Sukkar died in 2013 of a heart attack when he was 78. He lived a long life but he shortened the lives of innocent people. After the lavish military funeral that the Palestinian Authority arranged for him Mahmoud Abbas issued a statement saying that Abu Sukkar was "a faithful fighter for freedom and the Palestinian cause." Since Fatah is the Swedish Social Democrats' sister party, we are wondering if you have the same definition of freedom? Do you have to carry out acts of terrorism to fight for freedom?


Since you are a bit older than us, you know what happened during the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. 11 Israeli athletes were executed by Palestinian terrorists. Sickening, is it not? Fatah's Revolutionary Council undertook in August 2013 an honorary visit to a family belonging to one of the terrorists behind this heinous terrorist attack. For your sister party the ones who killed 11 Israeli athletes are still heroes.


Celebration of terrorism is also being integrated into the Palestinian infrastructure and education policy. Streets and schools are named after terrorists. What do you think of this Stefan? Should the Social Democrats do something like this in Sweden? Or do you think it's only Palestinians who deserve to live in a society where violence is constantly celebrated?


But you know all this. When you listened to Fatah's international secretary, Husam Zomlot, at your party's congress in 2013, he thanked you on the behalf of the Palestinian “martyrs”. The “martyrs” he is talking about are suicide bombers and terrorists.


All this celebration of violence which your sister party is behind has an ideological basis: anti-Semitism. You say you are against racism, Stefan. But why do you not criticize the hatred against Jews that is so strong in the areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority. Do you think that anti-Semitism in the Palestinian Authority media and among Palestinian politicians can be justified? Do you think it's fair to Palestinian children that they are subjected to anti-Semitic propaganda that celebrates violence? We ask you because it's your sister party that is behind all this hate and the celebration of violence. The politicians that represent what you called your “dear sister-party” are behind this. A political party your party seems very supportive of is behind this. You bear a responsibility.


We would not be surprised if you do not respond to this letter. You're supposed to soon begin campaigning and you probably do not have time for those affected by the culture of violence that your sister party funds and organizes. But we would still urge you to renounce violence and condemn the actors who support violence against innocent people.


We also wonder if you Stefan, believe that it feels natural for your party to feel sisterhood with Fatah, a party that has an armed homicidal branch called the Al Aqsa Brigades?


Is it not time to demand of the Fatah leader that he speaks with the same tongue in Arabic as he does in English? Is it not time to demand that Mahmoud Abbas condemns the violence as a method, not only when he turns to the Western World, but also when he turns to his Arab people in his own back yard and to members of Fatah? One can easily get the impression that it is not coexistence which the Palestinian leader supports as the way forward for peace, when you hear his glorifications of terrorists in the Arabic language.


You have an advantage over us. All Swedes do not care about Israel and the Palestinian territories. You may get away even though the party you lead is working closely with an organization that supports a racist discourse and encourages violence against civilians. But you are still a human being and you have a conscience. So we encourage you to listen to that conscience and to distance yourself from Fatah. Such a rejection would have the Palestinian Authority and Fatah to think twice and understand that violence leads nowhere.

With Dear Regards



Tobias Petersson (PPI)

Nima Gholam Ali Pour (PPI)





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